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List ConfirmHi,

With regard to the parts that I listed for sale, I have listed most of them
on e-bay.  For those who may be interested, feel free to do a search and

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  Hello everyone,

  I have the following parts available for sale: pair of 1988-1992
80/90/Coupe headlights; a driver's sidemarker for the same car; a 7A
distributor with plug wires (143,000 miles on it); a flywheel with new teeth
ring for 3B motor (has pressure plate and disc with about 98,000 miles);
Coupe driver's side fender; Coupe inner fender from shock tower forward;
intercooler for 5000 or 200TQ; radiator for 80/90/Coupe; hood support pieces
for 80/90/Coupe (1988-1992) only left and right pieces.  Middle piece
missing.  Also, 3B exhaust manifold with K24 manifold (no wastegate).  I've
listed the exhaust manifold and turbocharger on ebay.  The listing is below.
Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in any of these items.


  1991 Coupe For Sale (Black with gray leather interior) runs great - e-mail
me for details.
  1990 Coupe in surgery

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