Sagging headliner blues

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at
Mon Nov 19 00:28:10 EST 2001

Thin flat flexible wood strips (like long yard sticks) slightly longer than
the distance from one side of the cabin to the other. The bend you put into
the strip jams the ends into the sidewall of the cabin, and pushes the
center of the strip up into an arch to support the sagging headliner.  If
you can fit one strip and get support, then you can fit more and approach a
solution. How you get the ends to jam is your business.

I never did this, so it is only an idea that I would try if I had that
problem. But the sticks will be easy to come by, and cheap, and might work.

Maybe you could start the first stick between the hand grips above the rear
passenger doors.

Doyt Echelberger
87 5ktq

At 08:45 PM 11/18/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Fellow listers -
>My 5k is showing its age in the most undignified way possible: letting
>its headliner sag. It's now got a big bubble of loose cloth right above
>where the rear passengers' seats are. Yes, I realized this shortly
>before my in-laws came in town. At least it wasn't hanging down low
>enough to hit their heads! But it will be soon.
>What to do?
>I've searched the archives. I find the following options:
>(1) New headliner assembly from the dealer. $400 plus installation. (Did
>I say this was an option? Whoops.)
>(2) Remove the whole headliner assy and pull the cloth off, then use
>lots of 3M trim adhesive spray (not Super 77), let dry partly, and press
>the cloth down again.
>(3) Thumbtacks. Crude but clever. Some listers report ill results: not
>only is it ineffective, but the thumbtacks may become projectiles.
>(4) Tent pole. (My idea.) Does obscure visibility somewhat.
>Any other suggestions? The cloth hasn't completed separated from the
>foam yet, so I can't get in and put an adhesive in without pulling
>things apart more...
>I'm considering #2 but with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, like a 3M
>467. We design the stuff into products at work and it sticks like crazy.
>- Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 179k

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