MC Head gasket upgrades?

Jorgen Karlsson jorgen.m.karlsson at
Mon Nov 19 06:47:20 EST 2001

It is probably the stock bolts that has caused the failiure, they are not

My head will go on with a stock gasket and M12 12.9 quality insex bolts. The
torque specs that I recived was 120-140Nm. If i can get nuts and studs that
fit I will go with them instead.

You should be able to run 19psi with new stock bolts and stock gasket
without problems as long as you don't let the engine detonate.


> Long story short, the EFI is in which is awesome, but
> now I seem to be consuming coolant again after
> hot-roding around today.  This is head gasket #2 in
> the last year that has went.  The first time I changed
> it I did have the head machined flat, but had to
> re-use the headbolts which I will NOT do this time.  I
> hope the block isn't warped somehow.  The first time
> this happened somebody had mentioned that the ur-s6
> head gasket was a good upgrade.  Can anyone confirm
> this? I can't seem to dig anything up in the archives.
>  I've been running at 19 psi with the EFI.  I thought
> this should be possible without blowing head gaskets.
> Thanks a ton.

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