MC1 or MC2???? HELP!!!

Mihnea Cotet mihnea_cotet at
Mon Nov 19 13:51:24 EST 2001


Last Saturday I've bought in Germany a complete MC bottom-end for less than
100 bucks!!! Wow! It looks very nice, no visible wear in the bores (the
factory hone cross-marks are still well visible on the cylinder walls) but
I'm having big difficulties finding out if it is an MC1 or an has
the "super-torque" timing belt so I suppose it's been made after 1989...the
problem is that it only has one knock sensor, mounted in front of the
warm-up regulator, where one of the 2 knock sensors of the MC2 version
should be....
I've searched the archives and found out that the MC1 with the single knock
sensor should have the knock sensor somewhat under the warm-up regulator,
not aside from it....could someone confirm this please?
The combustion chamber in the pistons is about 60 mm in diameter by 15 mm
depth....after extensive researches I've found no measures of MC engines
pistons combustion chambers....maybe if one of you has an used set of MC
pistons lying around he could measure the recesses and tell me which MC I do

Anyway, as always, TIA and best regards from Belgium,


'85 -OOOO- Coupe quattro

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