MC1 or MC2???? HELP!!!

Phil Payne quattro at
Mon Nov 19 14:07:04 EST 2001

> Last Saturday I've bought in Germany a complete MC bottom-end for less than
> 100 bucks!!! Wow! It looks very nice, no visible wear in the bores (the
> factory hone cross-marks are still well visible on the cylinder walls) but
> I'm having big difficulties finding out if it is an MC1 or an has
> the "super-torque" timing belt so I suppose it's been made after 1989...the
> problem is that it only has one knock sensor, mounted in front of the
> warm-up regulator, where one of the 2 knock sensors of the MC2 version
> should be....

Is there any other difference?  I always thought the hardware was the same.

I've noticed that MC-1s seem to have the older style inlet manifold without the upper skirt and drain, and the MC-2 always(?) seems
to have that.  There was a similar change in the MB engine at around hte same time - it never got a second knock sensor but the
inlet manifold was changed and the wastegate control tap-off from the inlet manifold was moved from unthrottled to throttled air.  I
think that change was also made between MC-1 and MC-2.

I also think MC-1s are pretty rare in Europe.  _Very_ few in the UK.

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