ABS Not Working?

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Mon Nov 19 16:12:42 EST 2001

> Where is the controller located and what does it look like?  How many
> millivolts is a normal signal?

What car?  In the right C-pillar in an ur-quattro, under the back seat on the left in most others.

The signal depends on how fast you spin the wheel.  5 to 12 mV is what sticks in th emind.

> I haven't worked on the wheels or breaks recently.  The last time a wheel was
> off was for the state inspection last year.
> Where are the sensors located?  Are they easy to find after I remove a wheel?

Yeah, they're pretty obvious.  Just follow the cable to the hub.  You can pull them and replace them with new caps, but make sure
the chisel-shaped end is parallel to the axle when you put them back.

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