MC head gasket upgrade

Jay Rabe jeremiahrabe at
Mon Nov 19 16:56:01 EST 2001

  make sure your head is not warped.  Use some good head bolts.  I have used
raceware and arp head bolt kits.  Raceware's are MUCH nicer, but arp's are
supposively just as strong.  The stock head gasket is good, (i had 325hp on
one w/ studs) for about a year and no problems.  Jim, you may be detonation
in high boost (does your ignition retard timing w/ boost up that high?)
  If you want to spend the $$$ you can use an urS4 head gasket, yes it fits,
i built a mc 20v hybrid w/ one.  I'd still use studs too.


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