K-26 cold side backing plate bolts (RIBE) ???

Ameer Antar ameer at snet.net
Mon Nov 19 18:23:08 EST 2001

Normally I agree, but in this case, I stand by my advice b/c:

- good luck finding that tool
- no real damage [other than finish] was done to the bolts [mostly b/c of
- You're supposed to replace them anyway...
- tightening them down left NO visible mark at all

But you must judge how loose the tool is. If it seems too loose, there may
be a closer fit...I had to buy a whole set to get the size...What size Torx
are you using?


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> NO! Don't take Ameer's advice and "use something that kind
> of fits." Unless it is an emergency, obtain and use the correct
> tools for the job.
> Your job will become much more difficult if you use a
> "loose fitting torx driver" and strip out the bolts.
> Do you use SAE sized tools on metric hardware? If you do, then
> by all means, use the torx driver. Otherwise, do it right with
> the right tools.
> My philosophy is that if you do a job, you do it right or you
> don't do it at all. Maybe that doesn't work for you, but when it
> comes to electronics and automobiles, that's the only way I do
> things.
> Taka

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