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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Nov 19 20:20:21 EST 2001

Greville H. Bowles writes:
> A week ago the "Check ECS" light came on at highway speed. I pulled over to
> investigate (RTFM) and the light went out, so I continued on my way. 2
> nights ago the light re-appeared and now comes on after 3-5 minutes of
> running and stays on. Obviously my baby needs attention. What is the
> recommended sequence (if any) in which I should check the components of the
> ECS? Are there any obvious first things to do?

You need to check the stored code in the ECU to see what's causing
the fault light to come on.  One way is to use the factory VAG-1551/1552
scan tool or similar ( like VAG-COM http://www.ross-tech.com ).  On your
car I think there is a way to dump codes another way.
Check http://www.12v.org

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