10v -> 20v -> 20vt

David Miller millerds at muohio.edu
Tue Nov 20 13:24:04 EST 2001

Here goes a random thought that I had, I'd like everyone to point out
whatever errors I made, as I have this feeling there'd be something to stop

Take the NF 2.3L 10v engine that I have in my '90 80Q.  Find and attach the
20v head (easier said than done I'm assuming, how hard is it to remove and
replace the head anyway?).  Use a 20vt exhaust manifold (or RS2 if fanciness
is desired) with turbo... route the piping back around to the intake
manifold and MAF.  Replace the distributer with the 20v model if needed to
retime everything.

What am I not seeing?

David Miller

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