What size tires on 4kcsq

Smeins, Larry lsmeins at ball.com
Tue Nov 20 13:56:35 EST 2001

I've started driving my bargain 87 4kcsq and am considering replacing the no
name tires that it has on its wheels.  Tire size came up when I noticed the
odometer is reading at least 5% more miles than I'm travelling, maybe even
higher than that but haven't done an accurate check, yet.  I looked in the
owners manual for tire size and could not find any info, did I look in the
wrong area?  The tire label in the gas filler cover says 175-70-14.  The car
has 195-60-14s and a car tire sizing website I checked said that is the
proper size.  If the car odometer is set up for the 175-70s the tire
difference would account for 5% error in the direction I'm seeing.  I'd
expect 60s on a CS quattro and judging from the speedo on my 5k Audi may not
be concerned with speedo/odo accuracy leading to no change in gearing for
tire size.  If the gearing is for the 175s I might go for 205-60s which
would closely match the diameter of the narrow tire, if the stock wheels are
wide enough.  What is the correct tire size and is the odometer gearing
correct for it?  I am looking for a quiet, good riding, good handling tire
with good all weather performance.  Michelin X-1s will probably be the tire
I choose.

Larry in Loveland, CO

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