rear pass-side bang type 44

William Ng audi200quattro at
Tue Nov 20 13:22:25 EST 2001

Having just focused on the rear end of my Type-44 quattro this past 2
seasons, chasing down clunks, grinding, groaning, and squeaks...I've taken
off the final drive, prop shaft, drive axles, lcas, and spindles enough to
give me nightmares. But I have some findings that may be useful.

After removing the lca to swap the inner bushing and the two front
bushings, I discovered that the right rear's bearing spindle contained a
damaged bushing as well. This bushing's inner sleeve had broke loose and
slid fore/aft.
Rod at TPC, informed me this bushing wasn't available as it's a dealer
only item. ETKA says it's: 443-505-171F.

I also want to mention that this sleeve's outer diameter slips into an
inner lip of the lca. If you don't install it correctly, or if it should
work its way out because the rubber is worn, the lca can deflect with
enough force to strike the spindle body. (CLUNK!)

I had to reuse my damaged bushing since I didnt' have a replacement. But
after pressing in the others', my clunking was gone. Only a metallic
squeak is remaining which I account to the spindle bushing.

NOTE: If anyone is interested in doing their own inner lca bushings, go to
Harbor Freight and buy their "3 in 1 Service Tool". It's a $39 ball joint
service kit. It'll make inner bushing replacement a breeze.

Check the brake caliper bracket bolts. Although I remembered torquing them
to their required spec, the 8mm socket head bolts worked a bit loose and
the assembly bounced around over bumps and potholes. Just hand checking
the assembly for tightness isn't enough. The brake cable's tension makes
it seem everything is installed tight.

NOTE: I did find a broken weld at the bottom of the OEM shock. It wasn't
evident until I removed it. I'm running Boge TurboGas with stock springs


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Subject: RE: rear pass-side bang type 44

Blau's website ( mentions rear suspension
banging (or maybe the catalog), and it suggests that the rear
lower control arm bushings are shot if the car (typ44) bangs
or clunks from the rear over RR tracks and the like.

My 5k has a bang, too - thought it was a shock/spring related
banging, but I went through all of that - I've not looked at
the lca, but I'd not be surprised if it is bushing related.

I'll look at the catalog/site tonight, see if I can find the
direct reference - but it made perfect sense for me, and it
sounds like others are in the same boat - mystery rear
clunk/bang, all spring/shock stuff seems OK.


William Ng
1990 200 quattro @ 177k miles
audi200quattro at    willng at

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