Motodyne.... sorry if this is old news, but a recent outburst has some people going....

Rob Andrews randrews at
Tue Nov 20 18:03:13 EST 2001

Following are direct quotes from Motodyne aka Robert Hack, Kurbin, whatever
he wants to call himself.
The following can be found in the audiworld 90 forum, but I figured since
not that many read that I will redistribute here so you can read along and
see how charming Motodyne is.
This was all in response to  their v6 12v supercharger kit ad.
As you know, in the past he blantley stolen a photo from and put it
on his site stating it was "Kurbin prepared Audi S4 on it's way to Pikes
Peak"  hence he still has distate for Jimmy Pribble who runs that site as he
asked him to remove the photo as he had copyrights on the photo, not to
mention the caption was a blatant lie.
Read below for entertainment.

"Jimmy pribble is a big zero, and knows nothing real or thruthful"

     When some posted the following information....

"I will tell you now that this kit is not real, he will take your money.
There was a thread about a year ago where someone noticed that his
supercharger pics were identical to that of the 30v supercharger kit from
PES.  Look at his feedback on ebay.  He has some favorable ones but there
are just soo many complaints about being ripped off.  Last year he sold a
20v turbo engine with 30 thousand miles.  Upon receipt of the engine it was
estimated that it had at least 130000 miles on it.  Talk to Jimmy Prible on
the urs4 urs6 board as he knows alot about this company."

	Below is his response....
"you talk way to much trash"

        When asked about if he was the guy on Ebay that people heard trouble

"we are a company not some Guy.Your information is false. And those ebay
claims have no relation to us. So if you wanna post, post the truth?"

           and to follow that up....

"Motodyne does not sell parts on ebay!
all the slander is related to a few ebayers that had a bad experience with
buying, linking parts manufactured by us, but not sold through us!"

         When someone proposed the following question to him....

"Give to the most experienced, knowledgeable person a "trial" supercharger,
fully equipped.  My suggestions are either MikTip or RobK, both very very
knowledgeable people.  We'll listen to their feedback, consider us your test
group.  If they like it I'd probably buy one.  Sounds fair to me man, you
could re-sell that thing for a lot or use it on one of your demo cars, which
I'm assuming you have, right?
Guys, what do you think??"

          Here is his response

"won't it be better to do the big valve heads for 3 grand? and a full
exhaust for 2,300. And make 9 horsepower? and remove all the torque slowing
the car down!
That sounds more like audiworld to me!"

         Then someone posed the question to him

"Lets hear your side of the story.
All we hear is how bad you are........
Lets hear what you have to say.
Should I call you  Holbert959?
Taken from Ebay:
User ID History for holbert 959
User ID History Effective Date End Date
*** Wednesday, Jul 21, 1999 Monday, May 15, 2000
gtsracer Monday, May 15, 2000 Thursday, Nov 16, 2000
audiduty Thursday, Nov 16, 2000 Thursday, Mar 01, 2001
holbert959 Thursday, Mar 01, 2001 User Suspended
Says here Ebay suspended you?  Whats up with that?
Now your lifestyle_26!
How can we "trust" you with $5300 when so many folks in the past, have had
problems with you?
Lets hear YOUR side of the story!  Please, enlighten us here at Audi World."

         AND here is his response

"thats so funny that your life is that boring, and you stalk children in NJ
selling some of my companies products.
I don't even have an ebay account, never did.
Look at the names of the people that run them first asshole.
If you were smart youd stop, Look at Jimmy P from URS4 I'll own his home

Rob Andrews
99 A4 2.8QS   83 Ur-Q

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