What size tires on 4kcsq

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<< I didn't mean to imply that they didn't exist, but I think that I should
 have added that he said 175 70 14.  AFAIK, these don't exist.

Uh, that was the optional snow tire package for the 4kQ and GT.  Also, I
think that you'll find that the Rabbit GTi, upper Golfs and GTi's, most
jettas, as well as the Coupe GT came with 185-60-14's, not 185-65-14's.  In
fact, that was one of the selling points on both the GT and the GTi - high
performance 185-60-14 radials on alloy wheels.

And by this point, everyone should know that cheap fun on 14's is either the
Dunlop SP8000 195-55-14 or the Bridgestone RE-71, same size.  Sure, your
speedo is off and you lose a little milage.  DO YOU CARE THAT MUCH?  Tape
your grill off and remove your wipers if you're that concerned about fuel
milage.  You're smiles in the corners more than make up for it.

Carter J
Kwattro at aol.com
1986 4000CS Quattro (optional 205-60-15's.  Yes, I know that my speedo is
1986 Coupe GT (optional 205-45-16's, and optional 225-50-15 Goodyears with
the optional track package)

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