Curious High Idle Problem

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at
Wed Nov 21 16:16:49 EST 2001

Facing front of car, look on valve cover. Bolted on the top of the valve
cover is a semi-triangular chunk of metal.  If I remember, there's one wire
bolted to it--that's the ground for the freq. valve.  Let me
rephrase==That's what I was told by the wrench who couldn't fix the problem
for over a year.  For all I know, it's the ground for the seat memory. I
said, "I cleaned this and it's now fixed, what is it?"  Then I said, "Can I
have my money back?" He declined.

Anyway, sand away dirt & corrosion, apply a li'l dielectric grease and yer
off.  Also, remove your ISV and clean it w/carb cleaner, & check its wiring
as well.

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>From: "Christopher Ritchie" <critchie1 at>
>To: chrisdyer at
>Subject: Re: Curious High Idle Problem
>Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:09:23
>Thanks for your reply.
>This is my project this weekend.  Where is "the ground on the frequency
>>From: "Chris Dyer" <chrisdyer at>
>>To: critchie1 at
>>Subject: Re: Curious High Idle Problem
>>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 18:58:56
>>Weird...could be the o2 problem. But also clean the ISV, and check the
>>ground on the frequency valve (the cause of my high idle for 1 year before
>>I did my own investigation).
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>>>From: "Christopher Ritchie" <critchie1 at>
>>>To: quattro at
>>>Subject: Curious High Idle Problem
>>>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:12:51
>>>I've been fiddling around with a high idle problem on my '88 5KSQ for a
>>>while.  I also had what I thought was an unrelated exhaust leak right
>>>the oxygen sensor.  The exhaust leak was repaired at a garage yesterday,
>>>when I picked up the car, the idle problem was immediately improved.
>>>Anybody think the exhaust leak could be related to the high idle?
>>>Could it be that the exhaust leak did not allow the O2 sensor to do its
>>>properly?  And that this closed system, when it has a failure, defaults
>>>to a
>>>signal that tells the ISV to idle high???
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