most expensive nuts in the world?

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at
Wed Nov 21 23:41:01 EST 2001

They are made of  steel because they are pretty rusted. But it looks like
they have complex structure consisting of  internal and external part. Why
then nuts on EM studs are so cheap?  They seem to be under comparable

Konstantin Bogach.

Joseph Rae wrote:

> I believe that those nuts are titanium. Though they could just be super
> heat treated.. I had to replace 2 on my coupe... Outch
> Joe
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> I was shocked a little when I was quoted $10 a piece for the nuts which
> hold a turbo on EM (4 nuts needed). What is so special about them? Other
> nuts in the same area cost mush less. Are there alternatives to this
> "dealer only item" ? Part # is: 035-145-749.
> Konstantin Bogach

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