What size tires on 4kcsq

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Yup, I'm sure. My GTi (bought new) had the then new Eagle GT HRs (not all
season, VW WAS series with GTi's, until the A4 series anyway) in
185/60-14 guise. Later 16V A2s originally came with Pirelli P6 in the
then new 205/55-14 (my race BFG CompT/A size) sizing. My friend's later
'91 8V A2 GTi came with 185/60-14's as did his run of the mill '90 Jetta,
on steel rims. Audi did supply (BTDT too) 4000Q's with 195/60-14, and
suggested 185-65-14 snows. If 175/70-14's fit 6" rims, I don't recall
either manual suggesting it, but it wouldn't be wrong.


On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 01:29:29 -0500 "Rave Racer" <Ravewar at home.com>
>    Are you sure that isn't 185 65 14's that the A2's came with on
>optional rims.  Are all those sizes capable of going on those one set
>rims, or do you need to get different rims for alot of those sizes.
>thought only the 185 65's were sold on my alloys, with the alternative
>being the 195 60's.  If I wanted the narrower 175's, I thought I
>needed to
>get a different set of rims.
>    I live just outside of the snow belt, where it's cold, but we
>don't get
>more then 5 to 10 days of the season in blizzard conditions.  Having
>experienced snow removal teams, we don't often have to spend time in
>conditions for very long.  For this, and on a budget, I always liked
>Cooper Cobras.  For around $350 Canadian you could get all four set
>up, if
>you don't have connections.
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>>think that you'll find that the Rabbit GTi, upper Golfs and GTi's,
>>jettas, as well as the Coupe GT came with 185-60-14's, not
>>185-65-14's.  In
>>fact, that was one of the selling points on both the GT and the GTi
>>performance 185-60-14 radials on alloy wheels.
>US only for the A1 body GTi/Jetta GLi - most A1 GTi's in Europe had
>175/70-13's on steel rims, though later (post US 83 models) it went up
>185/60-14 on steel or optional alloy.
>Later A2 Golf/Jetta came with 185/60-14, as did all 8V GTi (A2).
>>And by this point, everyone should know that cheap fun on 14's is
>>either the
>>Dunlop SP8000 195-55-14 or the Bridgestone RE-71, same size.  Sure,
>>speedo is off and you lose a little milage.  DO YOU CARE THAT MUCH?
>Speedo isn't off much, and BOY do they (RE-71's anyway) stick! They
>don't wear for too long, but thanks to being an old design, they are
>cheap. BTDT
>LL - NY

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