Alternator problems

Joshua Van Tol josh at
Mon Nov 26 20:27:19 EST 2001

>On Sat, 24 Nov 2001 21:58:28 -0700, you wrote:
>>Anytime I start my car, the voltmeter shows the car is running on
>>the battery.  If I rev up the motor a bit, the alternator will kick
>>in.  From then on, it works perfectly.  The problem is not the belt
>>slipping.  This recently started a couple of weeks ago.  The
>>alternator is a 4 month old bosch rebuilt on a 89 200TQ.  Anyone
>>have a clue what's wrong?
>I have the same problem with my 200TQ. 2 months old Bosch rebuilt, I
>have to rev it to about 3200 rpm (!) before it kicks in, and from then
>on, it works perfect until I stop the engine. I suspect the small wire
>is bad, will check it out tomorrow..

Or perhaps, the wrong bulb was installed for the alternator warning
light on the dash, or there is high resistance in the circuit
somewhere. If the bulb is missing or the wrong type, the alternator
won't start easily.

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