'90 100 air bag recall..light is now on

Craig D. Niederst niederst at telerama.com
Tue Nov 27 23:53:10 EST 2001

My '92 100S is also missing the voltage regulator box under the rear seat. I
believe it was removed when the airbag recall was done in '97. Never have
had a problem with the airbag light (now or prior to having the recall work

'92 100S (95k)
'86 CGT (200k)

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> Did they inform you what the Airbag Recall specifically addresses? The
> reason why I'm curious is that this weekend I was installing a new audio
> system, and it was the first time that I removed the rear seats of my 200q
> since I bought her. I found that the airbag's Voltage Regulator box was
> missing under there! And my Airbag light also turns on during startup, but
> only for 1 minute. I assumed things were working since the light goes out.
> This is assuming the airbag still fires after 11-12 yrs.
> I have no record or knowledge of whether my car has had the recall
> performed on her.
> Thanks,
> Will
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> My '90 100 is in the dealer for the air bag recall. After replacing the
> required part the air bag light is now on. The dealer is going to try
> another part?
> I think I recall some discussion on this awhile back but searching
> archives,
> I couldn't find if this has happend before and if it was resolved.  Any
> advice will be appreciated.  TIA
> Nick
> PS... the loaner v6 jetta is pretty fast.
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