[s-cars] Code 2413?

Dave Aukerman aukdav at ccsdana.net
Wed Nov 28 17:33:36 EST 2001

Congrats! you've just taken away any of the filtering ability of the K&N
filter by washing and not re-oiling.  May as well just run it without a
filter at this point.  Otherwise, put a stock filter in.


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> Ok I went to the Audi dealer for them to look at my cars setup with my
> MTM Stage 1+, even installed, they determined the MAF to be bad. Cause
> the oil from my K&N Filter coated the wires and that metal thing in the
> middle of the wires, and rather than paying a dealer installed quote of
> $822 for a new MAF I took it out and apart and cleaned the wires and
> that metal piece with a qtip and some rubbing alcohol. Its been 2 months
> not a code yet, and it used to come on 3 or more times a week depending
> on how hard I drove it or let it sit in idle. But now it doesn't come on
> at all I have sine that cleaning changed the plugs with new ones, and
> changed the oil and cleaned my K&N without putting oil into it... but it
> still looks red, so not all the oil is out. I have also cranked down the
> stock wastegate 2 complete turns noticed a little better lower end
> response. But yeah that outta do it. I have not a single leak anywhere
> in any of my boost of vacuum lines, they did about 2 hours or testing,
> cause I made them do as many extensive tests as possible for my 2413
> code.  Also the exhaust still stinks like sulfur every now and then, I
> attribute that to bad cats I think, but I am getting a Stromung 3"
> exhaust from turbo back, here before the end of the year!! So that outta
> solve the stink.
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> Hello,
> Car is apparently getting a code 2413:
> Mixture Adjustment,
> Adaptation limit exceeded,
> Symptom: Rich mixture, increased fuel consumption
> Any BTDT?  This is the code that keeps coming up with my high-boost
> backing off problem.  Paul, others that switched from MTM 1+ to Lehman
> Software, did you get this particular code?
> Jim
> 93S4
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