everyone with virus so far is using outlook.

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Thu Nov 29 04:07:35 EST 2001

I use netscape as well, and the only time I got a virus was when I was stupid
enough to click on an attachment.... I'm doing the online scan from Symantec
right now, and I dont think Pantelis' mail will affect me. In fact, it showed
to be 40 kb, but nothing inside. The subject was something from this summer.


Zsolt wrote:

> I use Netscape. The only time I got a virus was when I started using
> Outlook. It only took a week before I got a worm. I switched back over
> to Netscape immediately.
> Zsolt
> Richard Justin Andrews wrote:
> > this is why i use eudora for email..
> > outlook sucks, yeah it's a cute interface but why have to update week to
> > week?
> > too many security holes, and viruses are written for outlook, no other
> > email program
> > will send your infection to everyone else.
> >
> > -rich
> >
> >

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