[98 A4] Source for grills that accept aux. lights?

Traurig, Scott R scott.r.traurig at baesystems.com
Thu Nov 29 07:08:15 EST 2001

That's what I meant, the lower bumper grills. They are shallow enough (small
PIAA units). Audi puts the fogs *behind* the outer ones in that little
space. Not only is that dumb, it's dumber because it blocks air flow to the
intercooler. Oh well, another Audi disappointment.

Does anyone have a set of stock lower grills they would like to part with,
maybe someone that has done the "sport grill" cosmetic thing? That way I can
take a hole saw to them and not have to worry about messing up my originals.


98.5 A41.8TQ

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From: 	Ti Kan [mailto:ti at amb.org]

Traurig, Scott R writes:
> This is for a 98 A4. Has anyone seen a source for ready made grills that
> would accept aux. fog or driving lights? I don't need the lights, just the
> grills. I suspect the answer is no, so I'll have to get out my big hole
> but maybe I can save myself some time and agony.

I am not aware of any aftermarket A4 grill with cutouts for lights.
There is not much room behind the grill anyway, unless the lights
you have in mind are really shallow....Audi puts the
factory fogs there on the newer A4s (if your car isn't already so

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