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Ero Rademer erademer at igd.fhg.de
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Chuck Hill hilltech at netins.net wrote:
> The WOT switch is call a drosselklappen-schalter according
> to a book I have here, (in german) So Wird's Gemacht for the
> Audi 100

Almost correct. But to be pedantic: "Drosselklappenschalter"
only describes (in general) the/a switch at the throttle body.
The WOT switch should be referred to as "Volllastschalter"
(which roughly translates to "full"-"load"-"switch" :)). And
do not confuse that with the "Vollgasschalter" mounted on some
old models to override the A/C compressor while on WOT... BUT
you have to say "vollgas fahren" when explaining "driving on
WOT" to a german guy... Sometimes technical (Audi-) german is
a foreign language to us, too...

If you see a mention of the "Drosselklappenschalter" in an Audi
100 book it might actually mean the idle switch (on the TB) as
there were engines with only that said switch and no WOT switch
at all.

Evere noticed, that the family album states "Rueckblichscheibe"
for the rear window ("Look-back-window") rather than the term
"Heckscheibe" used by every human beeing in Germany...?

Oh well.
Too much time spent on the computer today...
So long!

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