Mobil 1 oil source in MA

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Fri Nov 30 11:44:36 EST 2001

Speaking of Mobil 1 prices, I stopped by my local Target department store a
couple of weeks ago and found the price per quart to be $2.89.  Amazed, I
bought up 10 quarts in my preferred weight.  I have since been to other
Target stores and found prices in the rang of $4.50 per quart, yet the local
one continues to sell for $2.89.  Now that's a deal.  I had assumed until
now that chain stores such as this had generally uniform pricing, especially
on a regional basis, but I guess I was wrong.


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> MA? Does Walmart, Pepboys or Costco have
> 5W-30 in stock...and at a good price?

Kmart carries it

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