Headlight Washer & Heated Mirror Questions

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> >1.     The owner's manual says the side view mirror heat automagically
> >comes on at "low temperatures". What temperature might that be? I haven't
> >felt any heat out of them with the outside temp. display as low as 38F so
> >far.
>Not sure on a temp but...  I don't think they will get warm enough that you
>will feel it.  Maybe if it's very cold out you will feel it.  You will know
>you have heated mirrors if the frost (or snow) on them disappears shortly
>after driving (couple of minutes).  Wait until it frosts and then check.

Also, driving from the cold outside into an underground or enclosed parking
garage will usually cause unheated mirrors to fog up, just like eyeglasses
when coming in from the cold.  So no fog on mirrors = heaters working.
That's how I noticed when the heated mirrors on my A4 stopped working.

Of course this is all 'academic' if your A4 doesn't have the cold weather
package.  Heated seats?

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