FS: LOTS of Silicone Intake Pipes

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at email.msn.com
Fri Nov 30 14:33:51 EST 2001

    Anyone got a turbo project they need to plumb?  If so I've got over $300
worth of silicone connectors for sale.

2.5" to 3" Red (Never used) $15        ($20 New)
2" Hump Blue (Never used) $10        ($15 New)
2" 45 Degree Elbow Blue (Slight carbon haze) $25        ($35 New)
2" to 3" Red (Slight carbon haze) $10        ($20 New)
2" 90 Degree Elbows Red (2x) (No damage from fire, look new) $30 each
($42 New)
2.5" 90 Degree Elbows Red (2x) (1 rather blackened, 1 slight carbon haze)
$30 each    (    $45 New)

None of the connectors are damaged at all.  The fire only blackened the
outside of some of the connectors, most of the carbon crud can be scrubbed
off as I have done with most of the parts.  It surely is a testament to
silicone parts, the fire didn't even melt, burn, or even deform ANY of the
connectors, very cool!


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