overboosting (1987 5kcstq)

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Fri Nov 30 17:04:11 EST 2001

Good luck. I think if you can keep your foot out of it, you'll be okay.
Don't know where to find diaphrams, though Gary (GMBCHEF at aol.com) has one
that he bought trying to resurrect his UrQ (it's fine now). You might
want to try changing the lower WG hoses anyway, any leaks and you'd have
your problem anyway. Looking forwards to your pics.


On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:19:59 -0800 Motor Sport Visions Photography
<msvphoto at pacbell.net> writes:
>On the way home from the QCUSA driver's school at Sears Point (my car
>was just parked there, I was taking pictures) my car developed a
>overboost problem. Perfectly drivable as long as I keep my foot out
>it, but boost comes on much stronger and at lower RPMs than
>minimal throttle I hit 1.8 bar on the gauge and hit overboost (qlcc
>chip, Scott Mockry 1.8 bar spring...like a Charlie spring). I made it
>home fine, in fact didn't hit overboost once after realizing what was
>and keeping my foot out of it.
>I stopped to take a peak at a gas station, but not much light. No
>obvious hose problems at the WG lower chamber so I am guessing it is
>sticking WG (doubtful, this came on all of a sudden), or more likely,
>torn WG diaphragm.
>1. Am i okay to keep driving the car (as in the 200 mile round trip
>Sears Point tomorrow)? I assume so, if I keep my foot out of it like
>did on the way home. Doesn't qlcc code go full rich above a certain
>boost level anyway (thinking lack of WOT switch, there's no way to
>the throttle to that position). I have the version that will control
>boost without the help of the spring.
>2. Who has WG diaphragms in the US???? (I'll ask the Bennett brothers
>tomorrow as well since they're up at Sears Point.)
>BTW, an aside...my first attempt at shooting on-track with my new
>er tool, an Olympus E-10 digital (which I hope to offer on-site
>with starting next season). I'll post the gallery url as soon as I
>the shots up...I'm posting this prior to even downloading the memory
>cards so we'll see how I did.
>Mike Veglia
>Motor Sport Visions Photography

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