Winter tire retailers

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Mon Oct 1 14:29:37 EDT 2001

There's a list of dealers on the Vredestein site: carries Nokian as does
2000 A4 1.8L Turbo Quattro

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> I am looking for Nokian, Vredestein or any other nice winter tire that has
good road use as well. I have researched Tire Racks availabilities and like
the Dunlop Winter Sport M2. I am looking at 225-45-17 size as of now but may
change it to a 16" if availability becomes overly expensive or difficult.
> What stores carry the Nokian and Vredestein and does anyone have any
prices for what I am looking for. I beleive the NRW is the only Nokian that
fits 17" but I dont have any info on Vredestein models.
> Thanks,
> Chris Hlubb
> 2001 A4 1.8TQ

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