Winter tire retailers

TM t44tq at
Mon Oct 1 19:32:57 EDT 2001

Unless you're planning a brake upgrade, I would recommend against
going with 17" snows for your A4. 205/55R16 Dunlop Wintersport M2
work great for the A4, BTDT.

Nokian tires can be found at several places-, Chris Semple
apparently sells them, Greg Galinsky (sp?) sells them, several others.

As for Vredestein, euro-tire sells them.

I am thinking about 205/50VR17 Vredestein Wintrac for my car,
depending on the price. Otherwise, I will probably go w/ Dunlop Wintersport
M2- the Nokian NRW 225/45R17 are something like $180(!) each. The Dunlops
are in the $150 range, a little better. I'm speculating that the Vredestein
may be as expensive as the Nokians.

Has anyone tried Goodyear? I've seen some small retailers selling Goodyear
snows (apparently a European design), some are H and V rated. I'm forced to
go with 205/50R17 unless my brakes will clear 16s in which case I'm all set.

'91 200q

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