91 80 automatic question

Jonas K. jkarlsso at metabolex.com
Mon Oct 1 17:14:54 EDT 2001

Hey thanks for all the replies. I'll definitely relay the message to my GF, that the
auto's are crap. It may or may not sway her. 

The thing is that he's asking $800 for it, and aside from a loose bumper cover, it is in
really nice shape. 135k miles. It's even silver. If I can get a replacement tranny for
$700 then that's $1500 for a 91 80, drive it for 2 years and then sell it. Sounds like a
plan to me... did I mention that he'd tow it to my house (AAA plus).

Anyway, thanks again for all the replies, 

"Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN)" wrote:
> Yes, I agree, in other words the mechanic may be FOS..Get a second opinion.
> I also agree that the automatics aren't that great, but that wasn't what the
> question was.  Truly, if your GF can learn to drive stick she would be
> better off if desire is to drive an Auldie but goodie.
> Ben
> p.s. I did not send the original inquiry.
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> Hairy green toads from Mars made "Swann, Benjamin R.  (BSWANN)" say:
> > [OK, so I've sourced out a 91 80 (4 cyl, FWD, auto) for my girlfriend. Her
> > current 86 Jetta
> > GLI is seemingly walking that fine line of perpetual breakdown.
> >
> > Neither one of us is excited about the automatic, but she wants a "newer"
> > car, and is fine with moving from the top end of an economy car, to the
> > bottom end of a luxury car.
> >
> > The seller says that his mechanic said the "rear transaxle" needs
> replacing.
> > Does this make sense? I'm not at all familiar with automatic transaxle
> > layouts, so it's gibberish to me.
> I wouldn't think a FWD has a rear transaxle. That's the back part that
> runs the quattro half of the drivetrain. It sounds more like the
> tranny is toast again. I have given up on automatics for just that
> reason. You've never seen a "manual transmission shop", have you?
> Autos just need constant work, and are never really "right".
> In this case, it only lasted 7 years, that's about 100K? My first
> Q with a stick is still purring at 260K.
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