Your busted Hose

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Wed Oct 3 07:54:36 EDT 2001

There is no "spec" per se, but I do have a part number which is from the
European EKTA and would be meaningless to them I think.

HoH has a web site which has contact details so I will be calling them today
to see if they have an East Coast branch or sommat!

Thanks for your offer to help, and I will contact you if I may if I run out
of luck this end.


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I saw someone else on the list suggesting "House of Hose" but no contact
info.  I live and work in Ogden Utah just north of Salt Lake.  We have a
House of Hose here.  I drive by the place every day on the way to work so
if you would like I wouldn't mind stopping in to inquire for you.  If they
have it or if they can make it or get it, I'll let you know how to contact
them.  JUst e-mail me the details, specs, etc.  I'll let you know.

Good Luck.
Brandon Handy
1993 90 CS Quattro Sport with a pesky engine light and sporatic stall

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