Oh no, not again! Can't access Audifans.com ... (PacBell/SBC DSL )

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Oct 3 11:15:07 EDT 2001

There are routing problems for some people.  Dan, for example, can 
get to Audifans from home but not from work.  Last I heard he had 
emailed the provider concerned, and they're "looking into it"...


At 9:42 PM -0800 10/2/01, Thor Heglund wrote:
>Buchholz, Steven wrote:
>>I am sorry to have to do this ... but I am having problems getting to the
>>Audifans server, and I am having problems getting support from SBC/PacBell
>>... hopefully I can start piecing together some clues with some gracious
>>help from other audifans.
>>What I would appreciate hearing is whether or not there are any other SBC
>>customers (PacBell, NvBell, SwBell, ???) who are having a problem accessing
>>the audifans server or e-mail.
>Just noticed that I can't access the audifans site.  I'm a pacbell 
>customer in SF, been recieving the list mail fine, I wonder if this 
>will make it to the list?  I can't ping audifans.com or the ip from 
>home either, but it pops right up when I use my computer at work. 
>It seems like some kind of routing table error, but I'm just guessing.
>I loathe pacbell support, after spending days on hold.  But that was 
>a couple years ago.
>Have you made any progress?

Brett Dikeman
brett at cloud9.[nospam]net

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