Free flow cat ?

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Wed Oct 3 15:23:43 EDT 2001


I too had looked into the Stebro exhaust, and while its a nice piece of
work, I decided to save some pennies and looked up a few things online for

This web site had lots of different sizes and options.  I called them and
explained what I was looking for.  They were very helpful and getting a high
flow cat and replacement muffler with a 2nd resonator worked out to about
220$ out the door.  I would expect about 100$ labor to have it installed
with aluminized mandrel bent piping.  I havent done this mod yet, waiting to
finish a few other things, but this is the direction I'm going to go with my
86 5ktq.

86 5ktq
89 200tqa

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I'm thinking of putting a Stebro exhaust system on an '87 5kq.  If I do,
maybe I should also replace the cat.  What would be the best cat to replace
it with?  Should I look for something more free flowing than stock?  Any
Dave C.

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