Breather tube in 1988 90Q

rob hod rob3 at
Wed Oct 3 19:54:35 EDT 2001

    I covered this job as best I could a while back. Search the archives for
"crankcase breather", theres part numbers ,descriptions, the lot.

    I would recommend getting the replacement steel tube and the rubber from
the dealer, get the clips as cheap as suits you.
    The tube won't collapse or rot and neither should the rubber if you get
the factory stuff.

    If you were to use any old rubber hose (e.g. heater hose) it would
likely collapse very soon, and /or rot through in a couple of months due to
the acidity in the fumes. Don't forget to refit the little twisted wire
bundle "flame trap" that lives in the tube.
    Scott mockrys' site has a good section covering this for the turbos, and
even a picture of the flame trap.

    Its a job well worth doing , as this tube ultimately connects to the
inlet trunking downstream of the air meter and so leaks can ruin slow
running / mixture etc. Not to mention the fact that a collapsed tube leads
to pressure build up in the crankcase and forces oil out your crank seals


    PS The idea of the taper was to allow space for moisture to condense out
and try to prevent mayonaisse forming and blocking the tubes, which was a
problem with the previous setup.

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> Subject: Breather tube in 1988 90Q
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> I just discovered that the breather tube, one that connects the crankcase
> the intake, has collapsed.  It's S-shaped, wider  and flattened at the
> crankshaft end, narrower and round at the other end. Contacted Audi - they
> changed the design and now sell a metal tube plus two rubber fittings for
> about $130.
> Has anyone dealt with this problem before?  I would just buy a length of
> rubber tube if not for the fact that one end is wider than the other.  Is
> there any reason for this. Any suggestions how to deal with the problem
> without spending big $$$?  Thanks.
> Radek.
> 1988 90 Q

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