wire repairs

Marc Swanson marcswanson at mediaone.net
Wed Oct 3 21:13:38 EDT 2001

> It's not the solder connection that fails, it's the adjoining wire, made
> brittle by the heat and subjected to flexing at the end of the solder
> hardened area, especially if the solder joint is done "properly".  

That would seem to make sense.   Crimp connectors are not usable everywhere 
on a car however.  I'm building a wiring harness right now for electronic 
fuel injection and if I were to use crimp connectors the harness would quite 
bloated.  I think for connections like the one Phil mentioned at the air 
inlet sensor where it is subject to the elements and lots of heat that could 
potentially cause a failure.  Internal wiring harness connections I see no 
reason to stop soldering, since even Audi does this.  When my car stops 
running then I'll change my tune.  Who knows, maybe that will be never :-)

> an interesting article from a trade magazine that deals with this subject,
> and the author was very surprised by the results of the comparison tests. 
> I noticed others replied in the same manner as I.  

Can you remember the source?  I'd be interested in reading the article.


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