No start on 97 A4 2.8

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Thu Oct 4 11:04:58 EDT 2001

Hairy green toads from Mars made Lundy, Andrew say:

> Just sounds like a weak battery to me!!  Did the car sit for a few days
> after the accident by chance??  If it has the original battery you might
> want to replace it anyway.  The battery sounds like your problem to me!!
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> I hope someone can give me some advice regarding my son's A4.  His car was 
> involved in a left front collision and now when the key is turned to the 
> "start" position, there is nothing.  A faint click but the starter doesn't 
> turn.  In addition, when the key is turned only to the run position the fuel
> pump relay buzzes like it is rapidly being energized and de-energized.  The 
> fuel pump also rapidly switches off and on in unison with the relay (makes 
> sense}.   I pulled the relay and it tested good.  I then jumped the socket 
> terminals and the fuel pump ran steadily as it should.  The collision did no
> damage to the wiring harness in the engine compartment.  Any ideas?

My mother's '97 A4 (a 1.8T though) had the same dead battery recently
after sitting for about 1.5 hours with the parking lights on.

I wonder if the A4s got crappy batteries? 4 years isn't very long for
a decent battery to last. Maybe a bad batch?


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