Treser Audi

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Thu Oct 4 19:06:30 EDT 2001

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>What were the performance mods?

Hi Taka,

Your checkbook's the limit...

Treser Super 200: basic engine 182 hp at 5700, 252 Nm at 3600. Treser's engine: 
245 hp at 5500, 316 Nm at 4500. The UrQ got a hike from 200 to 250 hp, the 90/CGT 
(4k) got 163 hp instead of 136.
The price list also talks of a 300 hp 5-banger and a 290 hp V8. The 90's 
20v could be boosted to 300 hp with a turbo- cost DM42000 even in the '80s...

Regards, Tom

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