Treser Fans

Mark Vogt mwvogt at
Thu Oct 4 14:20:08 EDT 2001

IMHO, there has been a lot said about the 5K Treser most recently for
sale in NY. There was another one on Yahoo a couple of weeks ago in the
mid-west asking $5000. Even today this car stirs our interest and
controversy on whether it's ugly or bold creativity, much like
sculpture. I personally don't see the difference that much between the
Treser 5K and the ever-loved UrQ of the same vintage. What is at stake
here is the inability of Audi AG to open its mind to real innovative
design options in '01 and market it in the US to people who are looking
for personal distinction, as the Treser model did in it's time. What
would really be a goof is to see just what Audi AG alone could do to the
A6 short of making a ball on wheels. My hat was off to Treser then and
still 20+ years later for breaking the rules. Audi USA should let
companies like ABT on the assembly line and watch what could happen.
Unfortuneately, we live where we do and accept what comes off the line.
If I had the bucks I'd buy both advertised Tresers and start an art
Critics welcome.

Mark Vogt

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