My new to me A6 Avant

Kev the Brit quattrohead at
Thu Oct 4 14:37:26 EDT 2001

Well it has finally happened, I have the A6 Avant that I have been chasing
for over 3 weeks.
The Saab/Volvo dealer got a working starter motor fitted and I was able to
test it and bought it.
I beat them down on price due to a couple of issues that I need more input

1. Ignition switch is real stiff (must have killed original starter) Is it
best to get at from above or below
and is the part #4A0 905 849B
2. The transfer case is leaking onto the cats. From the few emails I had so
far it looks like could be gasket between gearbox and torsen #01F 321 381A
or the output shaft seal #01E 409 400 (018 409 399B ?)
Has anyone BTDT on fixing this leak. It does not look too bad once the cats
have been removed.
3. I have no radio code and need to give the serial # to a dealer, problem
is how do you get the radio out ? Looks like some kind of tool into the 2
slots at the bottom of the face plate, this is the Delta CC unit.
Thanks all,
Kevin Phillips   AIM quattrohead
Western Massachusetts
1990 200q for sale
1995 900 SET
1998 A6 Avant
Cell 413 519 9034

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