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> From: Jpinkowish at aol.com Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 16:25:08 EDT Subject: Dyeing 
> cloth seats -- anyone have experience? To: quattro at audifans.com Hi Folks, 
> Has anyone tried dyeing their cloth seat covers to restore the original 
> color? I'm toying with this for the gray cloth covers in my '85 4ksq. Does 
> anyone know what fiber(s) are used in the seat covers -- nylon, polyester, 
> nylon/polyester blend? --product(s) used? procedure(s)? --covers on/off the 
> seat foam? --results: uniformity of coverage, removal of excess dye, 
> rub-off? Is this foolish idea? Jan Pinkowish '85 4ksq Bristol, CT 
>    It works very effectively. A variety of colors is available at auto 
> supply stores. I prefer SEM Products, it is what the pros use. Seriously, 
> they have a traveling road show to keep dealers up to date. They also have 
> a website. The content of the fiber is not really important. As with vinyl 
> "dyes", it is essentially a lacquer. Scratch any color dash pad and you'll 
> find it is black underneath. 
>    As with most products, preparation is everything. I would clean the 
> upholstery thoroughly. Stains are not necessarily blotted out and will show 
> through, unless you change to a much darker color. Most manufacturers make 
> spray especially for fabric, but the vinyl stuff will do. I recommend 
> removal and partial disassembly of the seats. This is not necessary but 
> aids in uniformity and the ability to get into crevices. I had so much luck 
> with this that I recently changed the color of the two leather sofas in my 
> living room.
> Tom Faust

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