My car is still getting a 2413 error code...

Steve Jensen sjensen at
Fri Oct 5 22:27:50 EDT 2001

 Levent wrote

<<            My 1995 S6 is still having a problem with the error code 2413,
meaning that it is running rich! I changed the O2 sensor with a brand new
audi one about 200 miles ago, the exhaust smells real bad like rotten eggs
cause of the rich fuel mixture, and I have an MTM Stage 1 upgrade!  >>

First, turn off the HTML/MIME stuff.

The last time you posted about this same problem, you mentioned a torn hose
at the back of the engine.  Have you replaced the hose, and have you gone
through the other related hoses to see if you have an air leak elsewhere?
Six year old hoses can get brittle, fourteen year old ones are worse (ask me
how I know!).

-Steve Jensen
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