IM with 5 secondary injectors, IC, ECU for sale

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Sat Oct 6 18:27:02 EDT 2001

I want to fit a header and larger turbo which is not
possible with the CIS in the way, so I'm going with
EFI.  My CIS injectors also need replaced so instead
of dumping money into those, may as well put it
towards EFI.  

That means my intake manifold with 5 supplementry
injectors, fuel rail, fuel regulator, some fuel lines
if you want them, intercooler with the small hose
output, ECU with settings, and second fuel pump are
for sale.  

The IM is Javads original project, and is very well
done.  If you want an easy way to get more fuel, this
is the way to go.  With all the above items you will
have everything required to to get this running.  I
would like to sell it all together if possible.  You
will need the intercooler to go with the IM unless you
already have one with the output for the ISV.  I'm
asking $700 for all of it.  See my web site for

Also here is a similar product:

I have run 20 psi with this system and the stock CIS-3
on my car with fuel to spare, and yes it's very fast. 
The additional injectors and fuel pump only have about
20k miles on them, plus the injectors are not on all
the time so they are like new.  This should work with
any 10v I-5 turbo motor.  I am probably going to have
the parts off around Christmas, but I can remove them
sooner and live with low boost for a while if
neccessry :(

Jim Green
'89 90tq

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