Window Switches 101 [long]

Marc Swanson marcswanson at
Sat Oct 6 22:37:20 EDT 2001

> The passenger side window on my '89 200 TQ now goes up and
> down. Yes, it was a broken wire, but finding it was the hard
> part. Here's the synopsis of my effort to fix it, with
> special thanks to Marc Swanson for his help.

Way to go Kent!  I know what you mean about the satisfaction of fixing a 
problem on a car that has been that way for a while.  Just today I spent a 
few hours fixing a persistant problem where my heater cable would slide off 
the $#!$#$ adjuster every time you move it to either extreme.  Not sure what 
the exact culprit was but I pulled one off my parts car and just replaced the 
whole assembly.  What a PITA job that was......  It had been that way since I 
bought the car though.  


87 4ktq
88 90q

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