how to adjust eurolights? EUROLIGHTS SUCK

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>yes, i am serious..the euro low beams are inadequate.  ive adjusted them
per <A HREF="">
></A> which was given to me a month ago by a lister
>helped me w/ the install, who also has euros on his car..   ive adjusted
>to those specs, with no improvement.   the problem is the low beams.. 
>the only way they are acceptable is by running the auxilliary driving lights 
>mounted below the bumper..
> i did everything else by the book..

I have eurolights on my car, and I imported 15 sets and sold them to
listers. Their feedback indicates they are wildly happy with them. I know I

First, they really, really work - and I have the wimpy standard bulbs in
them - 55/60 watts each.

I'm willing to be that the reason for the inadequate low beam performance
of your eurolights is a wiring error. There's a catch here - the wiring is
NOT the same on the 9004 DOT bulbs and on the bulbs that fit the
eurolights. The ground is in a different place, so what is happening is
this: On high beam, the power is going to the junction of the high beam and
low beam filaments (common), and thence to ground (correctly), so the high
beams are OK.

On low beam, however, the power is going through the low beam filament,
then the high beam filament, and then to ground, and of course there's no
light coming out, because you're running the filaments in series, each at
half their rated voltage!

Check the base diagrams - I think you'll find this is the error.

here's some bad ASCII art:   low beam wire ^^^^^^^^^||^^^^^^^^^ ground

high beam wire

As you see, high beams will work, but low beams will be very feeble.

Here's how it SHOULD be wired:       low beam wire ^^^^^^^^^||^^^^^^^^^^
high beam wire


I think you'll find this much more satisfactory.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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