1984 087 auto-trans almost locks in reverse

Helge Wunderlich helgeww at start.no
Mon Oct 8 00:25:05 EDT 2001

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 23:11:23 +0200, I wrote:

>The automatic transmission (087 three-speed) in my 1984 100 (WC
>engine, 185000 km/116000 miles) has developed a strange problem: When
>backing, it feels as if the brakes are dragging, except the resistance
>is jerky. The problem is noticeably worse when hot. Also, the "park"
>position does not work anymore. Should I start looking for a new
>transmission, or is there hope ?

Update: Suddenly it started working again. I noticed that the "park"
would catch when putting it into "P" of old habit. Tried the reverse,
and it was also smooth as silk.

This would mean that there is definately a connection between the two

It has gotten cooler the last few days, so I could understand that the
hydraulics can be affected by that, but the "park" is fully
mechanical, is it not ?

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