turbo timer?

brett at cloud9.net brett at cloud9.net
Sun Oct 7 23:37:32 EDT 2001

Between water cooled turbos, synthetic oil, and after run circuits, these 
are completely unnecessary.  I assume we're talking about the gizmo that
runs the engine for a few minutes after you've turned off the ignition.

IMHO, drive the car gently for the last few minutes of operation and
you'll be fine; I found that monitoring the coolant temp sensor with
VAG-COM, coolant temp dipped slightly while idling after a 20 minute
drive, then slowly started to rise; anything over about 30-60 seconds is
counterproductive.  People are grossly overconcerned about the whole
issue, probably because early turbos were not oil cooled, and synthetic
was not in common use.


On Sun, 07 Oct 2001 19:02:36 -0700 Bob wrote:

> Anyone have any experiences with turbo timers? (good or bad?) Any BTDT's
> appreciated.
> Bob

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