turbo timer?

brett at cloud9.net brett at cloud9.net
Mon Oct 8 00:15:29 EDT 2001

On Sun, 7 Oct 2001 21:53:17 -0500 "Rob Andrews" wrote:

> Turbos not oil cooled?  Good grief how did they stay operational ;)
> I think you meant to say not water cooled.
> And I would agree, a turbo timer is a good waste of money

Arrg.  Early turbos are not water cooled.  Water cooled.  Water cooled.

Funny part is, I stopped myself from saying "all post-86 cars are water
cooled", because I remembered that the A4 turbos aren't...and had oil
coking problems. Right?

And bob...I would suggest you not take out the after run circuit unless
you have a really good reason, it is important(Audi felt so, enough to
continue putting it in cars for quite some time.)

PS:make sure you get the orientation of the pump right..I remember Phil
mentioning that the pump works opposite of normal coolant flow. We may
have been discussing the 3B/RR specifically, so I don't know if it
applies to your swap(dunno what engine you're swapping either.)

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