Antilock Sensors

james accordino ssgacc at
Mon Oct 8 08:03:16 EDT 2001

I used ZincIt spray on all mine almost 1 yr. ago. 
Works fine so far.  I just looked at the front 2
yesterday and they're still clean.  I tried a wire
wheel on the bench grinder first(on a junk one first).
 Using the wire wheel perpendicular to the teeth will
quickly wear them away.  Parallel to the teeth works
pretty well.  I eventually used a sandblaster with
very fine media and was pretty careful with the

Jim Accordino

> Oh, and if anyone is ever doing something where they
> have good access to
> the teeth on the hub, it's highly recommended that
> the teeth be cleaned
> out; rust forms between the teeth and the ABS
> controller sees more noise
> in the signal.
> I'm not sure how much paint would interfere, I'm
> guessing it would screw
> things up, otherwise I would be tempted to suggest a
> little rustoleum or
> similar to keep rust from building up again.  Kind
> of a poor design, if
> you ask me.  Hub replacement shouldn't be necessary
> on cars.
> Anyone tried painting the teeth, and still had ABS
> work ok?  Phil, you
> ever seen this?
> Brett

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