Metric Bolt Strength

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Mon Oct 8 15:21:38 EDT 2001

I do replace all bolts and actually use 12.9 on most of the things that I 
think will be under stress, even when it is not required by the book.

The minor investment is worth the peace of mind, at least for me.

The key is to buy from a fastener place not from the dealer. It is way 

my $0.02,


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>Subject: Re: Metric Bolt Strength
>Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 15:37:28 +0200
>Replacing 12.9 strength bolts with 8.8 is a very bad idea, 12.9 quality
>bolts does not need to be replaced unless they are damaged. But I can't see
>Audi fitting 12.9quality bolts anywhere in the car, if it is a stock bolt 
>should be replaced. Even if it is marked 12.9, I am sure that Audi has
>managed to fuck it up in one way or an other.
> > Does anyone know if it's essential to re-mount the flywheel on my 84 ksq
> > new 10mm 12.9 bolts as opposed to the 8.8's I just came home with.
> > to there's 
> > enormous difference in parameters between the two grades. All I want to 
> > replace this ##$$@@@! clutch before the snow flys. TIA

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