A4q fuel filter

Lundy, Andrew lundy at dmww.com
Mon Oct 8 12:30:02 EDT 2001

Looks the same to me!!!  My *other* pic..


There's no room under the 90's either!!  That's how it fits together

Good Luck!!
Andrew Lundy
90 80q
99 A6q 

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"Lundy, Andrew" wrote:
> It sounds like your A4 is similar to the B4 90's.
> [snip]
> just in case.....
> http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/1889/filter1.jpg

Thanks, but nope!  (That one looks easy.)

This is mine:


Part 5 is the fuel filter, and 4 is the clamp you can't get access to
there's only about 1 sq. in. of room.
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